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Panama's service packages will maintain your equipment to a safe standard
and optimum performance level.

Panama not only provide the industries most esteemed cleaning products, all of our operatives are highly trained, with years of actual experience, which enables you the client, to stay ahead of the curve for all of your cleaning applications.

Our dedicated freindly team will keep you up to date with hte latest tips and tricks to tackle the most challenging of projects. With Panama, our service dosent stop once the sale is made. our support packages will maintain your equipment, keeping it safe and at optimum performance level, helping your business stay in peak condition.


Panama's Service packages will maintain your equipment to a safe standard and optimum performance level. Helping your business running effectively and efficiently.


What happens when your water pump breaks down or maybe the castor falls of your vacuum in the middle of the job. Panama Cleaning service and repairs offers repair options, helping you to get back to work as quickly as possible.


Panama will ensure that your equipment is set-up to perform at its optimum level. We have 'hands-on' expertise in all products, which when correctly applied will maximise effectiveness and in turn deliver superior results.


Natural wear over time can take its toll on electrical wiring of equipment. Panama service and repairs provides a rewiring option that will restore your cabling to its former glory and will keep you and your customers' safe and sound. Our qualified electrical team can diagnose, treat and reinstate kit to all relevant and required safety standards.


Nothing's worse than an untimely breakdown or malfunction of equipment. Panama Cleaning support and repairs offers full fault diagnosis, helping you to keep your kit finely tuned to its absolute peak.