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At Panama Cleaning Supplies we aim to stock the best products and on that note, we are very excited about the new Delta Plus Thrym VV736 waterproof & thermal glove.

Delta Plus Thrym Vv736 Water Proof & Thermal Glove
Delt Plus Thrym VV736 Glove available at Panama Cleaning Supplies

This waterproof & thermal glove is ideal for working in any wet and cold conditions. The Thrym VV736 boasts a 100% acrylic gauge inner liner, the outer liner is 100% polyamide with a full latex coating on top. And to finish the Delta Plus Thrym has a second layer of foam latex coating on the palm and fingertips.

Available in sizes 09,10 and 11

The Delta Plus Thrym VV736 Waterproof & Thermal glove is available at our central store in Hove and will soon be available on our new online store.

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