At last, things are changing.

Last night the PM announced some lockdown rules would start to ease over the next 24 hours. It's excellent news that this situation is moving, although very slowly, it's going in the right direction. 

But it's still vital that we work together, continue the fight against this pandemic and keep that 'R' number as low as poss. Keep disinfecting, social distance where possible and wash those hands.


Supply chains are now getting better. 

We are now receiving multiple pallets from Evans weekly, predominantly of products such as alcohol hand gel, approved COVID-19 sanitisers, bacteriocidal hand soap and wall-mounted soap dispensers.

From this week onwards, you will be able to purchase alcohol gel in 5-litre format. As per the past month, approved COVID-19 sanitisers are available in both 750ml and 5-litre format and the bacteriocidal hand soap a 5-litre only.

The best news this week is that face masks are now in stock. 

We currently have over two thousand masks in stock and more on the way. The panel masks (medical style) and N95 masks are both FFP2 standards. Panel masks are available in prepacked quantities of 5 or 10, and the N95 masks are in pairs.

Photo by Noah

Masks are only available in-store at this moment in time, If you require masks but are unable to visit us for whatever reason, please call on 01273 889988 and we can arrange for the goods to be FedEx directly to you. 

As always, we hope you, and your families are well and safe. Please continue to wash your hands thoroughly and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Be considerate of others and keep up the social distancing measures where possible.

It will all be over one day, stay safe, see you soon.

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